Artist in Residence

In 2017 the Asheville Art Museum asked if I would document the construction of the new museum in downtown Asheville, NC. "I'll have unlimited access to a major construction site for the duration of the project and I get to wear a hard hat?" How could I say no? Construction sites are exciting places bustling with unfamiliar sights, sounds and activity where contractors, specialized artisans in their own right, come together to create something new. These individuals are leaving a legacy that will enrich the cultural heritage of Asheville for years to come. I am honored for the opportunity to capture them in their craft. 

Read about the construction and see my photos in Smoky Mountain Living Magazine

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The Asheville Art Museum was founded in 1948, and we’ve had many wonderful years of growth. But it is time to update inside and out, to build on our past and move forward so that we may thrive far into the 21st century.

Utilizing the current building footprint of the Museum, this environmentally friendly project includes the historic preservation of the Museum’s current North Wing (the 1926 Pack Library Building), renovation of existing Museum spaces and new construction to transform current disparate spaces into a new cohesive, coherent and inviting Museum. The new Museum will elegantly combine historic and contemporary elements. It will honor the past by restoring the Pack Memorial Library building, an Asheville landmark built in 1926, and it will step into the future as a 21st century architectural landmark in downtown Asheville with a visually stunning new front façade, entrance and plaza.