Biltmore in the snow - a travel back in time

One of the advantages of an annual pass to the Biltmore Estate is that you can get there early on a snowy morning and capture photos before people start arriving. It also helps that I live 10 minutes away! I shot these on a Sony A7rii with a Lensbaby Pro 50mm. This lens gives the dreamy blur effect. I edit in Capture One and used an "old photo" treatment to give them this back in time look. The Biltmore house and grounds, which have been preserved to reflect their late 19th century design, lend themselves to this look on a snowy day. I hope you like the images. 

DSC00893 1.jpg
DSC01031 1.jpg
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DSC01002 1.jpg

Painted Walls

I remember reading that back in the 70s the widespread graffiti in NYC was responsible for keeping the steel bridges and other public structures from rusting. Even still, graffiti artists were viewed as trespassers and vandals. While it has become much more mainstream as an art form, it is still a fringe form - a personal expression in a public space - often provocative, larger than life and colorful. Thank you to the artists whose work I have a captured at the Foundation – River Arts District - Asheville, NC. 

Biltmore Estate

Spring at America's largest home is a special time of year. I have fond memories of this place. We had our high school proms on the estate which were both magical and a little surreal. When I was 16, I learned to drive my Dad's 1974 Alfa Romero GTV so that I could take my girlfriend to the dance. I figured we would look better driving onto the estate in an Italian sports car than the family's Chevy Citation . . . I now live five minutes from the gate house and had just renewed my annual pass in time to capture these images. I'm using a Sony A7rii and a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic lens.