Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra

My mother tells me that she told her friends they were raising a “classical baby” since that was all they played in our tiny home in New Hampshire. She had attended college on a music scholarship and my father had amassed a huge collection of albums and reel to reel tapes of the great orchestras of the time - New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. While my own taste in music has expanded to include rock, jazz, folk and punk (I love a good punk band in a dive bar!), I have never lost my deep love for the classics. Few things move me more than a live performance by a symphonic orchestra.

The Hendersonville (NC) Symphony Orchestra (www.hendersonvillesymphony.org) is one of hundreds of community orchestras across the country. They, like most orchestras, depend on local volunteers and funders to bring the artistry of professional musicians to the stage. I had the pleasure of photographing a performance of this orchestra that included Bernstein’s “Symphonic Suite” from “On the Waterfront”, Barber’s “Second Essay” and Brahm’s “Piano Concerto No. 1”. The evening was pure magic. Bravo to all involved!

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